Together by Gravity
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The Founder

Together By Gravity is a jewelry line inspired by the natural beauty of the ocean and earth, effortlessly fusing my rooted Indian culture with a modern edge and my global adventures. 

Staying true to my California roots all designs are handmade in Newport Beach, California. I meticulously crafted my first collection from a variety of textures from around the world, such as precious and semi-precious stones, wood, diamonds, 18k gold, and sterling sliver. 

With a passion for design and a desire to give back, every purchase will support children's education in rural India. Together we can do good, one bracelet at a time.

"Together By Gravity" 

The method of how a star is formed  -- when the force of GRAVITY pulling in on the cloud is greater than the strength of internal pressure pushing out, the cloud collapses into a star.  


Here at Together By Gravity we try to give back every chance we get. 10% of the proceeds are donated to support educational programs for children in rural India.